version 0.7.3

version 0.7.2

version 0.7.1 - Work on progress

  • Support for Contact grouping, sorting.
  • Add a notification for typing/active/inactive messaging while chating.
  • Add an about page !!
  • Let others know that it is running on a specific handset.
  • Add GPL version text and link in the about page.
  • Add a server configuration page and remove the profile system.
  • Add a notification for incoming messaging.
  • Add better support for error notification.
  • Software Version
  • In-Band Registration
  • Entity Capabilities
  • Stream Compression

version 0.7.0

  • Buddy add, deletion and viewing support.
  • A better look is attempted depending on the GameCanvas.

version 0.6

  • This is the first release. Let me tell you what I did in last few days.
  • TLS is made optional. This has truncated the package a lot.
  • Now it depends on the internal support tls.
  • Now it is suitable for low end device. -- Thanks


Keep-Alive/Persistent Http connection based messaging for MIDP 1.0 profile mobile phones.

Quote from BOSH druft

However, clients and connection managers SHOULD NOT use Chunked Transfer Coding, since intermediaries may buffer each partial HTTP request or response and only forward the full request or reponse once it is available.